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The National Agricultural Research and Development Fund [NARDF] was established by a Cabinet decision on the 10th of December 2001, under Section 3 of the Working Fund Act, 1986. The Fund is comprised of money received from the Government's allocations and other sources approved by the Ministry of Finance. NARDF is governed by a seven person Fund Management Committee [FMC] chaired by the Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture Development. It is administered and operated by the NARDF Secretariat. The head of the Secretariat is the Member Secretary of the FMC. The Secretariat is supported by a Technical Sub Committee and a panel, or list of Peer Reviewers.




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Selection Process for PCN

  • Calls for Project Concept Notes [PCN] are published on national daily newspaper and URL www.nardf.org.np at least annually as deemed appropriate by the FMC. The steps for selection are shown in figure 3 above.

  • PCNs should be prepared according to NARDF guidelines, and submitted to the NARDF Secretariat formally by the lead organization. It is important to mention that the PCN needs to be concise and specific.

  • The PCN should be accompanied with Organisational Profile indicating staffs and their qualifications, aims and objectives, budget, project work experience and any current activities.