On-going Agriculture Researarch and Development Studies Till Ashad, 2062

Agri-Botany Division, Khumaltar

Project / Activities

1.      Assessment of Seed Quality of different Food and Feed Crops and it improvement supporting the National Seed Program

2.      Evaluation of Cytoplasmic Male and Sterile (CMS) line of rice for Hybrid Seed Production

3.      Genetic Conservation, Rejuvenation and Database Management

4.      Hybrid Maize Development for high input condition of mid-hills of Nepal

5.      Maize population improvement and varietal investigation for mid-hills of Nepal

Multi-Location Projects

Agri-Botany Division, Khumaltar


Rice Varietal Development for Mid and High-hills

Wheat Varietal investigation for Hill (Rainfed Condition) and High Altitude

Assessment of seed quality of different food and feed crops and its improvement supporting the national seed program/J. Bajracharya

Agri-Engineering  Division, Khumaltar

Project / Activities

Irrigation Scheduling in Low Cost Drip System (LCDS)  for cauliflower and tomato for mid-hills of Nepal and adaptation of fertization in LCDs

Development, testing and standardization of matching implements of power tiller for local production

Estimation of crop water requirement of rice and wheat based on 30 years meteorological data of hills (Kathmandu valley) and Terai (Banke district) of Nepal

Testing and modification of farm machinery & equipment for mid-hills

Study on plastic house environments/system for off-season vegetable farming

Modification & testing of cardamom, mushroom, apple dryer

Plant-Pathology  Division, Khumaltar

Project / Activities

1.      Varietal Screening of rice genotypes against blast disease

2.      Studies on club root disease of crucifers and its management approach

3.      Investigation and maize diseases with special emphasis on blight and ear rot

4.      Studies on wilt and root rot of lentil

5.      Production of mushroom spawns for the farmers

6.      Studies on cultivation technology of edible mushroom

7.      Effects of major diseases of wheat and monitoring of wheat and barley disease in Nepal

8.      Biological control of major plant diseases using trichoderma

Commercial Crops Division, Khumaltar

Project / Activities

1.      Development of improved and sustainable package of production technology in Tea

Agri-Environment Unit, Khumaltar

Project / Activities

1.      Climate Prediction and Agriculture Research and Development

2.      Estimation of methane, emission from rice and assessment of mitigation options

3.      Studies on climate and soil database and its impact on crop production

Food Research Unit, Khumaltar

Project / Activities

1.      Study on the post harvest processing of coffee for the improvement of green and roasted bean quality

2.      Study on processes product development from under utilized grain (millet and buck wheat)

3.      Nutrition, processing and cooking quality evaluation of legumes (lentil), pigeon pea, chickpea, blackgram, green gram and cowpea cultivars) and cereals (wheat)

4.      Development processing methods for quality orthodox and green tea production

Bio-Technology Unit, Khumaltar

Project / Activities

1.      Fixation and disease resistance traits into elite wheat varieties via wheat x maize system of integreneric crosses

2.      Use of molecular markets in the study of genetic diversity of important crop species of Nepal`

3.      Induction of double haploids from F1 hybrids in rice (ORYZA SATIVAL)

Oilseed Research Program, Khumaltar

Project / Activities

1.      Integration nutrient management studies of mustard based cropping system

2.      Crop Management Study of Oilseeds Crops

3.      Management of major diseases of Oilseeds Crops

4.      Participatory Technology Development & Verification of Oilseeds

5.      Varietal Improvement on Groundnut

6.      Seed Production & Germplasm Maintenance

7.      Varietal Improvement on mustard and toria

Multi-Location Projects

Oil Research Program, Khumaltar


Varietal Improvement on Mustard and Toria

1.      OR, Nawalpur

2.      RARS, Nepalgunj

3.      RARS, Parwanipur

4.      GRP, Salyan

5.      Varietal Improvement on Groundnut/B.P. Chaudhary

6.      ORP, Nawalpur

7.      RARS, Nepalgunj

8.      ARS, Doti

Sugarcane Research Program, Khumaltar

Project / Activities

1.      Pathological Studies on Sugarcane

2.      Participatory Technology Development in Sugarcane

3.      Agronomical Studies in Sugarcane

4.      Varietal investigations on sugarcane (Plant cane, Ratoon, and for stress and low and condition

5.      Breeder & foundation seed production

Jute Research Program, Itahari

Project / Activities

1.      Study on jute based cropping system and exploration of other fibre producing commodities

2.      Participatory technology development of jute and jute products

3.      Varietal investigation on jute and maintenance breeding

4.      Seed production of different crops

ARS (Horticulture), Malepatan Pokhara

Project / Activities

1.      Improvement of post-harvest shelf-life of Mandarin orange in the hills of western Nepal

2.      Nutrient management study in seed yield and seed quality of radish and Okra

3.      Improvement of production technology and exploitation of heterosis on different  winter, summer and off-season vegetables

4.      Study on growth and development related with yield in different  fruit plants

5.      Eco-friendly approaches to management diamond back moth on cauliflower crop

6.      Development of improved and sustainable package of production technology for commercialization of coffee cultivation

7.      Production of horticultural commodities at ARS Malepatan

8.      Participation technology development for sustainable livelihood of rural poor

Multi-Location Projects

ARS, Malepatan, Pokhara


1.      Tomato breeding for variety improvement

2.      Low cost Technology Development Project for Potato Production through Integrated Crop Management (ICN) Approach for the Hills of Nepal

3.      Evaluation of True Potato Seed (TPS) Families in Nursery Bed & Field Condition, Nepal

4.      Varietal improvement in citrus

5.      Use of Tissue culture and improved nursery management system for standarization of citrus bud-wood sanitation program in Nepal

6.      Varital improvement on hill crops (Fingermillet, Buckwheat, Barley)

ARS , Surkhet

Project / Activities

1.      Source seed production of different field crops, vegetable and mother stock maintenance

2.      Participatory technology generation  of field crops and support program in Surkhet

3.      Improvement of toria & mustard varieties for mid hills and tars

ARS , Doti

Project / Activities

1.      Participatory Research in ARS Doti command area

2.      Foundation Seed Production

3.       Rice Varietal Improvement for Rainfed Lowland

4.       Rice Varietal Improvement for Upland Under Sub-Tropical Region

5.       Varietal Improvement and Crop Management Research on Ginger

6.       Maize varietal improvement for Terai, Inner Teri and foot hill valley

7.       Wheat varietal investigation for hill (rainfed condition) and high altitude

8.       Varietal Improvement on Tona and Groundnut

9.      Improving wheat productivity under rainfed environment of terai through the development of aropriate wheat varieties

ARS , Belachhapi

Project / Activities

1.      Study on quality seed production of different vegetable crops under Belachapi condition

2.      Cyclic seed production and maintenance breeding

3.      Participatory Technology Development

4.       Rice varietal improvement for Upland under sub-tropical region

5.       Hybrid maize development/D. Sharma

6.       Evaluation of TPS families in the nursery beds and field condition, Nepal

7.      Maize varietal improvement for Terai and Inner Terai and Foot Hill Valley of Nepal

Agronomy Division, Khumaltar

Project / Activities

1.      Development of Component Technologies and Cropping Systems  for Mid-hills

2.      Cultural and Chemical Weed Management in Rice, Wheat and Vegetables Crops

3.      Plant Establishment Methods in Rice-Wheat System

4.      Enhancing Yield Potential of Rice under different environment of Mid-hills

5.      Varietal Improvement Cum-Agronomical Studies on Legumes (Soybean, Lentil) for Hills

6.      Foundation Seed Multiplication

Soil Science Division, Khumaltar

Project / Activities

Developing Sustainable Phosphorus Management Technology for Increasing Crop Productivity in Terai and Hills of Nepal

Sustainable Soil Management of Land under shifting cultivation in middle mountains of Nepal

Estimation of potential and existing early rice area and yield for poverty reduction by using remote sensing and geographic information systems

Characterization and mapping of potential agriculture and resource conservation areas of eastern and central terai districts of Nepal

Isolation, Identification, Characterization, Maintenance and production and rhizobium inoculants for different grain and pasture legume

Soil and fertilizer management strategy for maintaining soil physical health under rice wheat based cropping pattern

Biodegradation of organic farm waste by using earthworm

Preparation of Soil, Survey Reports

Long term soil fertility experiment on rice based wheat system

Entomology Division, Khumaltar

Project / Activities

1.      Analysis of Toxic residues of chemical pesticides on different commodities

2.      Performance evaluation of silkworm races feeding on different mulberry cultivars

3.      Sterility management of house rat,  rattus opulation using botanicals

4.      Minimizing the use of chemicals pesticides by selecting effective strains of nuclear polyhydrosis virus (NPV) for the management of helicoverpa armigera on tomato

5.      Development of Eco-friendly technique to minimize the loses incurred by sitophilus SPP. in stored maize

6.      Development of insect pest management technique in cabbage, tomato, potao and eggplant (in field and storage condition) on the basis of indigenous knowledge (IK) in hills

7.      Methodology development of mass rearning of parasitoids and predators of agriculture importance and maintenance of reference insects in the museum

Horticulture Research Division, Khumaltar

Project / Activities

Technology of organic coffee production export market

Generation of post harvest and value addition technology of tomato for sustainable livelihood of poor farmers in  Nepal

Development of commercial flower (cut flower and loose flowers) production technology

Organic farming technology in off-season vegetable production for poverty alleviation

Introduction of trained bees Apis Mellipferal for quality seed and higher seed yield on mustard brassica campestris var toria in Nepalese condition

On-farm participatory research on vegetables crops for poverty reduction

Development of the cold storage technology on Nepalese mandarin and sweet orange to enhance their shelf life

Tomato breeding for variety improvement

Germplasm collection, maintenance of breeder seed and foundation seed production of vegetable crops

Tomato breeding for variety improvement/D. Singh, HRD, Khumaltar RARS, Tarahara RARS, Nepalgunj, ARS, Malepatan

Animal Breeding Division, Khumaltar

Project / Activities

Participatory breeding approach for production of quality murrah buffalo bulls in Nepal

Characterization of native animal genetic resources

Establishment of elite herd of dairy cattle and buffaloes

Animal genetic resource conservation and improvement in Nepal

Study on production, freezing and insemination of semen of crossbred bulls in Nepal

Animal Nutrition Division, Khumaltar

Project / Activities

1.      Digestibility study of selected fodder and forage species under agro-forestry system

2.      Exploration of appropriate level of local agro-byproducts incorporation in concentrate mixture

3.      Existing feeding systems, feeds availability and chemical composition of the feeds and forages in hills and plains of Nepal

Animal Health Research Division, Khumaltar

Project / Activities

1.      Epidemiological and control strategy of economically important poultry diseases

2.      Epidemiological study and development of control measures on Khari disease in buffaloes of Darchula and Baitadi districts

3.      Study on efficacy of different combinations of drugs to reduce the kid mortality

4.      Scaling up of the control program of endoparasitic diseases of pigs in Nepal

5.      Study on bovine tropical theileriosis in Nepal

6.      Collection, preservation and utilization of organisms

7.      Study on the infectious causes of infertility in crossbred and exotic dairy cattle in Neal

Pasture & Fodder Research Division, Khumaltar

Project / Activities

1.      Year round green fodder production through agroforestry approach for reduction in cost of livestock products

2.      Identification of economical seed production for stylo, white clover, oat and bereem for income generation

3.      Photographic presentation and production data recording of native forage species of terai, mid-hill and high-hill regions

4.      Exploration of importance of forage species in poverty alleviation through fodder marketing and preservation of valuable native forage species

5.      Germplasm maintenance & forage seed, saplings and inoculums production

Outreach Research Division, Khumaltar

Project / Activities

1.      Participatory evaluation of pigeon-pea in agro-forestry systems in mid to low hills of central Nepal

2.      Returns to rice research & development in Nepal

3.      Gender friendly technology in agriculture: A Study of Kavrepalanchwok district of Nepal

4.      Participatory varietal evaluation of lentil

5.      Studies and support activities for partnership technology promotion

Rice Research Program, Hardinath

Project / Activities

Varietal improvement of suitable rice cultivars for different environment: Farmer participatory approaches through varietal breeding (PPB) and selection (PVs)

Effect of agronomical practices (System of rice intensification, tillage and crop establishment) on rice yield

Survey and diagnosis of yellowing and blighting disease of rice leave in Chitwan valley and adjoining areas

Management of insect pests in rice

Nutrient management under rice based cropping system

Production of breeding materials (seeds/saplings) and orchard maintenance

Varietal improvement for boro and spring rice under irrigated condition

Development of hybrid rice varieties for terai

Participatory technology development at rice research program

Rice varietal improvement for upland under sub-tropical region

Rice varietal improvement for irrigated areas under sub-tropical region (60-900 Masl)

Evaluation of rice varieties/lines resistance to blast and bacterial blight

Varietal improvement works for aromatic and quality rice

Rice varieties improvement for rainfed lowland

Maize Research Program, Rampur

Project / Activities

1.      Maintenance breeding of the released and pre-released maize varieties for hills and development of pop corn varieties for income generation

2.      OPV and hybrid development in quality protein maize for terai, inner terai, valley and foot hills of Nepal

3.      Maize improvement for ear rot resistance and mycotoxin contamination

4.      Plant nutrient management of exotic maize varieties at Chitwan valley of Nepal

5.      Morphophysiological studies promising opvs inbreds/hybrids

6.      Hybrid maize development

7.      Maize varietal improvement for terai, inner terai and foot hill valleys of Nepal

8.      Source seed production of different crops (summer & winter)

9.      Participatory Technology Development (PTD) at NMRP or sites

Wheat Research Program, Bhairahawa

Project / Activities

1.      Improving wheat productivity under heat stressed environment of terai through the development of suitable wheat varieties

2.      Improving wheat productivity under rainfed environment of terai through the development of appropriate wheat varieties

3.      Scaling up/out zero tillage technology in collaboration with DADOs of Rupandehi, Kapilbastu and Nawalparasi districts

4.      Evaluation of the most promising wheat genotypes against crop management practices

5.      Studies of wheat diseases

6.      Participatory on-farm research on wheat

7.      Participatory technology development program at or site, Rupendehi, Kapilwastu and Nawalparasi (under wheat research program)

8.      Maintenance breeding, wheat breeder seed and rice foundation seed production

9.      Increase wheat productivity of improve livelihood and food security of hill farming communities through developing suitable wheat varieties

10.   Enhancing wheat productivity through the development of suitable wheat varieties for timely-sown irrigated conditions of terai

11.   Long-term soil fertility experiment on rice-rice-wheat and rice-wheat system

Potato Research Program, Khumaltar

Project / Activities

1.      Survey and utilization of therapies for the eradication of potato (solanum tubersosum L.) viruses in Nepal

2.      Low cost technology development for potato production through Integrated Crop Management (ICM) approach for the hills of Nepal

3.      Studies on phyttophthora infestans mating types and cost effective management  of late blight

4.      Survey and management of black scurf disease (Rhizoctonia solani) of potato

5.      Variety improvement on potato for high tuber yields and late blight disease (Phytopthora infestans) resistance in Nepal

6.      Sustainability studies for pre-basic seed production

7.      Soil fertility studies on potato

8.      Pre-basic & source seed production

9.      Evaluation of true potato seed (TPs) families in the nursery beds and field condition, Nepal

Multi-location Projects for 2062/63 (2005/2006)

Potato Research Program, Khumaltar


1.       Varieity Improvement on Potato for High Tuber Yields & Late Blight Disease Resistance in the Hills of Nepal/

2.       Soil Fertility Studies on Potato

3.       Evaluation of True Potato Seed (TPS) Families in Nursery Bed & Field Condition, Nepal

4.       Low cost Technology Development Project for Potato Production through Integrtated Crop Management (ICN) Approach for the Hills of Nepal/B.M. Sakha

5.       Survey and Management of Black Scurf (Rhizoctonia solan)

6.       Studies on phytophthora infestans mating type and cost effect

Citrus Research Program, Dhankuta

Project /Activities

1.      Off-season lime production technology in terai and inner terai regions of Nepal

2.      Use of tissue culture and improved nursery management sytem for standardization of citrus bud-wood sanitation program in Nepal

3.      Germplasm maintenance and production of horticultural commodities

4.      Variety improvement in citrus

Grain Legume Research Program, Rampur

Project / Activities

1.      Seed Production of different grain legumes

2.      Varietal improvement on lentil, Chickpea and Cowpea

3.      Varietal improvement on soybean, mungbean and blackgram

Hill Crops Research Program, Kabre Dolakha

Project / Activities

1.      Seed production of different crops (Rice, Maize, Wheat, Barley, Buckwheat, Soybean, Finger Millet etc.)

2.      Varietal improvement of hills crops (Barley, Fingermillet and Buckwheat)

Ginger Research Program, Salayan

Project / Activities

1.      Varietal selection and improvement on turmeric

2.      Seed production of different crops

3.      Varietal improvement and crop management research on ginger

Bovine Research Program, Khumaltar

Project / Activities

1.      Adoption of urea, mineral, molasses block feeding in farmers field

2.      Improvement in dairy animal husbandary to enhance productivity in rural areas of the country

3.      Study on importance of quality mozzarella cheese and its use in different food items

4.      Study on comparative milk production of cattle based on different feeding practices

5.      Breed improvement program development of dairy cattle breeds suitable for hills of Nepal

6.      Cattle herd management and production project

Swine & Avian Research Program, Khumaltar

Project / Activities

1.      Effect of dietary addition of herbal liver stimulant on commercial broilers and layer chickens

2.      Evaluation of improved breeds of pigs in modified farmer managed local pig diet

3.      Maintenance of foundation stock and production of different breeds of pigs, poultry birds and angora rabbit

RARS, Tarahara

Project / Activities

1.      Disease management using bio-agents and plant extracts in rice-chickpea cropping system

2.      Improvement of buffalo herd of Tarahara through different management system

3.      Management of major insects pests of mango fruit in etr

4.      Assessment and development of minimum tillage technique suitable for rice, wheat, maize system of eastern terai region

5.      Study on rice-potato-maize based cropping system for maximizing production in eastern terai region (ETR)

6.      Study on off-season production of cauliflower (Sept-Oct. Prod.) and tomato (rainy season) under Tarahara conditions

7.      Development of organic based technology for CTC tea production at Tarahara

8.      Varietal improvement of garden pea and egg plant

9.      Varietal improvement on rice and wheat for eastern terai region

10.   Germplasm improvement and conservation of different breeds of poultry and quails

11.   Evaluation of different summer and winter fodder for forage

12.   Conservation and improvement of indigenous and exotic breeds of pig

13.   Participatory technology development station support program

14.   Participatory technology development at outreach research sites

15.   Plant nutrition management in mango and arecanut orchard

16.   Long-term fertility experiment on rice-wheat cropping system

17.   Production program of different commodities (crops, horticulture, livestock)

RARS, Parwanipur

Project / Activities

1.      Eggplant shoot and fruit border management through IPM approach in central terai of Nepal

2.      Management of alternaria leaf blight of onion and garlic

3.      Low cost vegetabales (potato and tomato) production through selection of suitable varieties in rice based cropping sytem for central region terai

4.      Long-term soil fertility experiment under rice-wheat system

5.      Effect of inter croing in new mango orchard with tomato for economic and fertility maintenance

6.      Date of planting on off season freh vegetable production (bottle gourd, bitter ground and cucumber) on farmers field

7.      Verification on production performance of turkey under scavenging condition

8.      Integrated nutrient management for sustained productivity of aromatic rice for central terai region of Nepal

9.      Use of plant growth substances on tomato and bottle gourd

10.   Improvement, conservation and maintenance of new Hampshire, black austrolarp, giriraja chicken, turkey and quils of Parwanipur

11.   Boro rice improvement program at Parwanipur

12.   Participatory technology development support station activities

13.   Participatory technology development activities at outreach research sites

14.   Foundation seed, sapling and forage seed production

RARS, Nepalgunj

Project / Activities

1.      Development of crop husbandry practices of cotton

2.      Evaluation of most commercial hybrid vegetables and development of their package of practices for off-season cultivation

3.      Participatory technology development (PTD) for poverty reduction under RARs, Nepalgunj command area

4.      Integrated diseases management in grain legumes

5.      Integrated management of chieckpea od borer (Helicoverpa armiger) in chickpea

6.      Study on tillage and weed management in winter crops under rice-wheat system

7.      Evaluation of appropriate genotypes of cereals and grain legumes for mid and far western terai

8.      Varietal improvement work on garlic

9.      Performance study of lampuchhre sheep

10.   Germplasm collection, maintenance and perrormance study of tropical fruits, and ornamentals

11.   Development of low cost feeding technology for goat

12.   Production program on different commodities

13.   Improvement, maintenance and production of terai (native) barbri (exotic) and cross (F1) goat breeds

14.   Long term fertility experiments on rice-wheat, maize and mustard cropping sequences

15.   Evaluation of different forage species

RARS, Lumle

Project / Activities

1.      Improvement on banana production technology through management research

2.      Technology generation for domestication and commercialization of medicinal plants under agroforestry system in western hills and terai of Nepal

3.      Rapid multiplication of disease-free ginger, turmeric and early mandarin orange from tissue culture

4.      Participatory breeding programme for genetic improvement of indigenous buffaloes in western hills in Nepal

5.      Study on status of micronutrients in the soils and crops in western development region of Nepal

6.      Nutritional evaluation of different feed stuffs found in western region of Nepal and production and distribution of selected fodder tree saplings

7.      Technology dissemination of maizebean intercropping in the mid-hills

8.      Development of off-season onion and onion seed production technology

9.      Studies on the development of low temperature tolerant rice varieties

10.   Development of improved and sustainable coffee production technology in Nepal

11.   Germplasm maintenance and production of agronomical and horticulture crops

12.   Participatory technology development on field and horticultural crops and livestock in RCA of RARs Lumle

13.   Participatory technology development station support program at Lumle

14.   Soil fertility management in rice-wheat system

15.   Potato varietal development for the western hills of Nepal

16.   Conservation, improvement, production and management of livestock germplasm

ARS, Pakhribas

Project / Activities

1.      Varietal and management studies on fruits (Pomegranate, pineapple, manago and banana)

2.      Varietal and management studies on plantation crops (tea, coffee)

3.      Identification of major insect pests of important horticultural crops in the eastern hills of Nepal and development of reference insects museum in ARS Pakhribas

4.      Development of second generation of Pakhribas pig

5.      Rice varietal development for the eastern hills on Nepal

6.      Participatory collection, processing and domestication of allo for income generation in the eastern hills of Nepal

7.      Maintenance and conservation of livestock germplasm (pig, poultry and rabbit)

8.      Study on bionomics, loss caused and management of fruit flies of mandarin and sweet orange in eastern hills

9.      Development of production package for gladiolus and other cut flowers for the mid hills of Nepal

10.   Development of production technologies for the domestication of chiraito

11.   Participatory technology development on vegetable crops for off-season production

12.   Farmers knowledge, insect vector identification and management studies of large cardamom

13.   Collection and evaluation of indigenous tea germplasm for a quality tea leaf production in eastern hills of Nepal

14.   Participatory technology development through outreach research support programmes for station and outreach sites

15.   Varietal selection and improvement on vegetable crops

16.   Improvement on the productivity of local hill goats through selection

17.   Production program of different commodities (crops and horticulture)

18.   Long-term soil fertility management in rice--wheat cropping pattern at mid hill of eastern Nepal

Multi-location Projects

ARS, Rajikot, Jumla


1.       Variety improvement on potato for high tuber yields & late blight diseases, resistance in the hills of Nepal

ARS Horticulture, Dailekh

Project / Activities

1.      Sustainable citrus decline management approaches for productivity enhancement of citrus in the mid and far western regions of Nepal

2.      Varification and standardization of off-season fresh vegetable and seed production technologies under mid hill condition

3.      Production program of source seed

ARS (Goat), Bandipur

Project / Activities

1.      Improvement of goat production system in western hills of Nepal

2.      Genetic and phenotypic performance of indigenous, exotic goats and their crosses at ARS, Bandipur

3.      Production and germplasm maintenance of improved goats and fodder saplings

ARS (Pasture), Rasuwa

Project / Activities

1.      Improvement of rangelands through herder group participation

2.      Evaluation of high hill fodder and pasture species for optimum winter fodder production in Rasuwa district

3.      Study on seed production and propagation techniques of high hill forage and fodder tree species

ARS (Agri-Implements), Ranighat

Project / Activities

  1. Agricultural Farm Machinery Improvement Program

NARC Center (KR II Fish)

Project / Activities

  1. Fishery Support Program

Fishery Research Division, Godawari

Project / Activities

1.      Study of fish biodiversity in different river systems of Nepal

2.      An appraisal of genetic variation and prospect of genetic improvement of sahar (ToR putitora hamiltion) for conservation and aquaculture

3.      Growth and yield performance of Sahar in different fish farming systems in different agro-ecoregion

4.      Improvement on the phenotypic and yield character of common carp, (cyrinus carpio) by selected and inter location crossing

5.      Fish source seed production and breeding management at Godawari

6.      Surveillance of fish parasited and diseases

7.      Participatory technology development of rainbow trout culture on farmer's field

RARS, Tarahara (KR2)

Project / Activities

1.      Sustainable livelihood assessment of poor fishermen with specific reference to fish capturing occupation

2.      Pig cum fish farming in Tharu and dalit communities in eastern terai

3.      Comparative study of common carp and tilapia in rice cum fish integration at community based at Sunsari, Morang and Jhapa

4.      Effect of sea water, rock salt water and ionic concentration on larval nursing of giant fresh water prawn (Machrobrachium rosenberii) De-man

5.      Study on control breeding of tilapia and compare the growth performance of sex-reversed fries and normal fries

6.      Brood fish collection, management and study of breeding performance of magur

7.      Production and management of fish source seed and table fish

8.      Study on performance of effective micro-organism (EM) in integrated fish culture

RARS, Parwanipur (KR2)

Project / Activities

1.      Growth and survival of hatchlings to fingerlings at different stocking density of grass carp and rohu at station and of common car at community level

2.      Growth performance of common carp rice cum fish culture at station and community level

3.      Seasonal occurrence of fish parasites in cultured species

4.      Fish source seed production and breeding management at Parwanipur

ARS (Fish), Trishuli

Project / Activities

1.      Establishment of trout hatchery for mass production of trout fingerlings in the hilly region of Nepal

2.      Participatory technology development program in fish

3.      Domestication of sahar, katle and asala and development of culture technology

4.      Formulation of low cost trout feed for initial feed and table purpose

5.      Growth out fish and fish seed production

ARS (Fish), Begnas, Pokhara

Project / Activities

Livelihood improvement of rural community through fisheries enhancement and community based co-management in Danda River and Thapuwa oxbow lake of western terai

Technology generation ornamental fisheries for income and job opportunity for fish farming community and traders

Spawning performance and post spawning brood management of Chinese carps fed with supplementary diets

Study on mass seed production, fry rearing and maturity in sahar (Tor Putiora)

Effect of larval stocking density on the survivability and growth of carp fry

Fish source seed production and fish breeding management

Growth and production potential of hybrid catfish (clarias batrachus X c. gariepinus) in pond aquaculture

Performance of rice fish culture practice at community level for enhancing rice field productivity

Assessment of fish biodiversity in ghodaghodi and nacrodi tal and their impact on community livelihood

Immunological response of common carp against aeromonas hydrophila vaccine

Fish yield enhancement through conservation mechanisms of restocked and native fish species and community participation the lakes of Pokhara valley

Maize Research Program, Rampur (SDC)

Project / Activities

Monitoring of hill maize research program

Response of maize seed storage to various storage/packing materials under room condition

Post harvest processing of various maize grains for food related andpopping traits

Phytopathological Evaluations

Entomological investigation

QPM (synthetic and composite) development for hills

Study on conservation/minimum tillage on maize production

Participatory maize outreach research

Maize source seed production of different varieties

Full season maize varieties improvement for hills

Early and extra early maize varietal development work for hills

Hill Crops Research Program, Kabre Dolakha (SDC)

Project / Activities

Diamond trials of pop 45 and (PNS in collaboration with SSMP

Pathological investigation

Support to tuki for training and marketing

Agronomic research of maize

Front line demonstration and minikits

Maize varietal evaluation

High hill maize germplasm evaluation and variety development

On station and participatory on farm maize seed production

RARS, Lumle (SDC)

Project / Activities

1.      Pathological Studies

2.      On farm early season varietal investigation

3.      Breeder and foundation seed maintenance

4.      Improvement of maize-ginger intercropping in the western hills of Nepal

5.      Improve livestock production through increasing fodder availability from maize based system

6.      Evaluation of French bean, tomatoes and vegetable soybean in maize based cropping system for commercial purpose

7.      Crop management research on maize and maize based cropping system

8.      Soil fertility management in maize based cropping system

9.      Loss assessment and grain utilization profile in maize storing

10.   Maize varieties improvement for commercial use

11.   Participatory on farm community based maize seed production

12.   Full season maize varietal improvement for western hills of Nepal

ARS, Pakhribas (SDC)

Project / Activities

1.      Efficacy of  pea and rapeseed cake powder as natural insecticides against maize grain weevil under storage condition

2.      Exploring the effectiveness of QPM on the productivity of chickens in the eastern hills of Nepal

3.      Uptake pathway of seed management

4.      Verification of maize husbandry practices

5.      Management of TLB and BLSB

6.      Entomological evaluation in on-station and on-farm

7.      Agroforestry studies at eastern hills

8.      Participatory technology development in maize variety selection the eastern hills

9.      Soil fertility studies in maize

10.   Inter and relay cropping of horticultural cros in maize based cropping system

11.   Pest management (white grub) in maize in eastern hills

12.   Maize seed production

13.   Maize varietal improvement, germplasm introduction and evaluation in eastern mid and high hills

ARS (Horticulture), Dailekh (SDC)

Project / Activities

1.      Promotion of intercropping

2.      On-farm varietal investigation

3.      Evaluation of local botanical insecticides against weevils

4.      Breeder seed, foundation seed and community based maize seed production

5.      Diamond trails of improved varieties cum fertilizer

6.      Maize varietal development work for rainfed environments of mid and far western mid hills of Nepal